The Release

The Release - Alistair Moore

“A Love Letter to Broken Britain” – Read the press release: CJ_The_Release_Press_Release

Revenge is a dirty word, but what would you do if you met your child’s killer?

Bennie lives hand-to-mouth in a little bedsit, spending his days avoiding the unsavoury people who wander about his building.

All changes one day, when he agrees to help a bereaved father find a small piece of information in exchange for a sum of money which could change Bennie’s life forever.

As he explores a stark urban underworld to dig into the past of a boy who became a killer, Bennie tests his wits to the limits, makes an unexpected friend, and risks his life to find the answers he needs.

Published by Candy Jar Books, July 2018

Available now from Amazon, all good bookshops, and direct from the Candy Jar Books webstore.